Season One Trailer

Take a journey with Flow Media and filmmaker Jennifer Whalen to explore the human landscape of southeast Asia in the first season of A Human Thing. Sponsored by Peak Design.

A Seagull to School:
the Journey of Ye Wint Aung

In Yangon, Myanmar, we discovered Ye Wint Aung, a student who travels three hours every day to attend university. There are few people on earth with a more contageoius passion for life and learning than Ye Wint Aung. “I always make the journey,” he says. “It’s worth it to learn. I love to learn!”

Bagan, Myanmar

Video postcard from Bagan, Myanmar. In Bagan, we filmed some of the most breathtaking scenery we’ve ever witnessed. If you haven’t already, make sure to watch “Eric’s Story”, also filmed in Bagan.

Eric’s Story

“My whole world was five feet by six feet.” Eric Gutschmidt spent four years in federal prison for selling drugs. It was a transformative experience that changed the course of his life. We caught up with Eric in Bagan, Myanmar, where he shared his story and the wisdom he’s found through a life of world travel. Visit to read more about Eric.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Video Postcard from Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Catch a glimpse of life within the world’s largest religious monument, Angkor Wat. Founded in the early 12th century, the temple city offers a striking visual representation of life’s ongoing mixture between the sacred and mundane.

My World Infinite

What makes your world infinite? What helps you surpass the limits of your circumstances? Maybe the answers can be found in both the old and the new. And perhaps we’re not as far apart as we sometimes think.

Phuket, Thailand

Video Postcard from Phuket, Thailand. Take a boat ride with us through Phuket, Thailand. But be warned! You might have a hard time staying put once the wanderlust sets in. Idyllic sandy beaches, stunning rock formations, and clear blue seas make this one of the most inviting places on earth.

Inle Lake, Myanmar

70,000 people make their home on Inle Lake in Myanmar. Go with us beyond the postcard visuals to explore the human landscape and learn a little about the Intha people who live here.

Sa Pa, Vietnam

Video Postcard from Sa Pa, Vietnam. Filmmakers Jennifer Whalen and Daniel Zhu explore the lush, terraced mountain village of Sa Pa, Vietnam. Take a journey, share a meal, a pipe, and enjoy the company of new friends through their eyes.

Snow Monkeys!

Okay, we know this is called “A Human Thing”, but when our filmmakers saw these Japanese macaques bathing in the hot springs of Nagano, Japan’s Snow Monkey Park, could you really expect them to resist sharing?

Laura Mam

Go behind the scenes on tour with Cambodian-American pop star Laura Mam. Learn about how she and other artists are reviving original music in Cambodia with the help of social media.

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